Mee helpen insecten op de kaart te zetten? En/of wilt u meer weten?


Why InsectCentre?

Why? Interesting business

Insects make a very interesting business case which is fuelled by two main drivers.

  • Driver 1: Growing World Population – Growing Demand for Meat The world population continues to grow and with it the demand for food, especially proteins. It is expected that meat demand is going to double during the next 10 years mainly due to the increasing wealth in the BRIC countries. Our earth is too small to cope with this demand. In this situation, insects could be a high-value alternative protein source, their feed conversion ratio being 5-10 times higher than animal alternatives.
  • Driver 2: Waste as Feed Organic waste can be fed to insects. This means that insects are not only a high quality protein-alternative with a much better feed conversion ratio, they can also contribute to a better utilisation of waste. So, instead of fermenting organic waste they can either indirectly (e.g. fish feed) or directly be translated into consumer products. Thus the value chain becomes especially interesting.

Why? Realising Breakthroughs through Chain Crossing Collaborations

Insects have already been produced on a relatively small scale for decades. If insects should become a good alternative to for instance fish feed, reliable large scale production systems are needed to realise a proper combination of volume and production costs.

At InsectCentre we work out of the conviction that early-on collaborations across chains between producers, processors and consumers are of great importance in order to have financial success and a good future perspective. InsectCentre organises and facilitates these collaborations.


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