Mee helpen insecten op de kaart te zetten? En/of wilt u meer weten?


About us

Network organisation

InsectCentre is a network organisation. Everyone can become a member of InsectCentre, with many different types of memberships available.

The production, processing, selling and adjustment (demand oriented chain) of insect-based products is at the centre of InsectCentre. The producing and buying parties build the core group of InsectCentre and steer our activities. They work together in the form of projects.

Next to this group of companies there are also the suppliers of machinery and (scientific) knowledge who see the previously mentioned group as customers and who need this first group for instance to create value from their knowledge. They form the indispensable second ring.

The third ring consists of all parties who are able to and want to make the large scale introduction of insect-based raw materials possible. Examples for these companies are the government (legislation, funding) and investors, but also companies, NGO’s and consumers who want to contribute to the transition towards sustainable protein.




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