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InsectCentre is een netwerkorganisatie. InsectCentre heeft tot doel alle partijen die een bijdrage willen leveren aan de succesvolle introductie van insecten ten behoeven van feed, food en farma te verbinden om daarmee een versnelling te bereiken die groter is dan elk van de deelnemers voor zich alleen kan bereiken.

News: Designing a future-proof International InsectCentre Cooperation 2.0

International InsectCentre (IIC), as a cooperative, is a network organisation for local & global co-creation and collaboration. Our goal is to connect all parties who have an interest in insects as feed and food. IIC aims at speeding up insect business and research to accomplish your specific goals.

We aim to do so by offering a platform for knowledge exchange, the organisation of seminars, webinars and creation of new collaborations between actors with different backgrounds. IIC intends to produce results in business which are bigger than those each single actor could reach

Expansion of the IIC team

The board of IIC is pleased to announce that the IIC team has expanded. At first we welcome Paul Vantomme, a true supporter of edible insects to feed the world and former FAO officer. His aim is to introduce insects for human and animal consumption in developing and developed countries. Secondly we welcome Ana C. Day, the enthusiastic entrepreneur at 4Ento who dedicates her work to the promotion of edible insects for feed and food.

Your help is needed to create your International InsectCentre 2.0!

To design the new IIC program and choose the right tools to globally serve the needs of all people involved in the insect supply chain and research we need your input. You can do this by participating in the IIC survey about your needs and future tasks of IIC, to do so please click here: IIC survey

FYI: the results of this survey will be shared with the participants of the survey.

Your feedback is important, only together we can speed up innovation in the insect supply chain!

Next seminar & workshop December 8 & 9 - register online! 

A new date for the Edible Insect Seminar & Workshop has been set. The next Edible Insect Seminar & Workshop will be held at Wageningen on December 8 & 9. The first day will consist of a seminar where the latest information on insect business will be shared with you. The second day you will have networking opportunities and there will be workshops on the financial aspects of the insect business. During both days you will have the opportunity for networking, questions and discussion.  Read more and register (registration open until December 4) (update November 1: 15 registrations)

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