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InsectCentre is a network organisation. Our goal is to connect all parties who have an interest in contributing to the introduction of insects as feed, food and pharma in order to speed up accomplishments which are greater than those a single participant could reach.

News: Stakeholder Survey

Are you an active stakeholder working in insects for marine applications? 

For more competitive and sustainable aquaculture, and as part of INvertebrateIT EU Project, we have produced with the Marine Institute in Ireland a Roadmap to facilitate the exploitation of invertebrate-based solutions in the EU Atlantic basin, especially as regards collaboration between SMEs and regional authorities.

In order to identify priority actions, we have prepared a survey for which we need your expert opinions!
Could you please dedicate 5 minutes to fill in the multiple choice questionnaire (see below) and send it back to us?
Your professional perspective is conditional for us to offer a good service back to SMEs and regions, and to foster pilot projects that are viable and strategic.
Your response will be kept confidential and only used to fine-tune the Roadmap, which will be promoted during the joint World and European Aquaculture Societies event AQUA 2018.
If you’d like more information about INvertebrateIT project please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you very much in advance




Edible Insects: The Value Chain Symposium

We would like to thank all participants in the Edible Insect Symposium held on the 21st & 22nd of March. The event was a great success with a range of speakers and attendees from diverse backgrounds. Read More

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